The intention with this website is to locate at least 1,001 benchmark sites, or die in the attempt (no flowers please, house private). Photos of any benchmark sites found will be posted at intervals over the coming days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries ... Anyone who wishes to contribute can send photos and descriptions of any benchmarks they find and would like to have included here, to See post Number 1 for a fuller description.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

NUMBER 1,064

BENCHMARKS continued

In the town where Moone Boy is fictionally set and filmed - Boyle in the County Roscommon - is where this one is located. It's on the top of the east wall of the bridge on Bridge Street.

Below: A 'mark on Bridge Street in Boyle.
 Above: A view from the bridge looking south with the 'mark, somewhat indistinct, at bottom left.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

NUMBER 1,063

BENCHMARKS continued

Further east on the Mall in Sligo Town is this one. It's on a gate pillar at the Model School. A plaque mentions that the building is the home of the Niland collection containing many works by Jack B Yeats.

Below: Another 'mark on the Mall in Sligo Town.
Above: A view of the Model School with the 'mark at bottom right on the gate pillar.

NUMBER 1,062

BENCHMARKS continued

What appears to have happened here, at the entrance to a car park on the Mall in Sligo Town, is that this gate pillar was rebuilt at some stage using the original stones. The result: the stone with the 'mark was replaced in an upside down position, and so low down so that just the legs of the crow's foot appear to view now.

Below: A 'mark on the Mall in Sligo Town.
Above: Looking east on the Mall with the 'mark at bottom left.

NUMBER 1,061

BENCHMARKS continued

A quite unusual one this. By being on the door step into Saint Columba's Church in the village of Drumcliffe in County Sligo has resulted in it been given a fine patina. Tread softly!

Below: The 'mark on Saint Columba's Church in Drumcliffe.
Above: A view of the church. The 'mark is on the entrance step. Two tourists pause beside the grave of William Butler Yeats and George.

NUMBER 1,060

BENCHMARKS continued

Here's one from the pretty little town of Foxford in County Mayo. It's on the south side wall of the bridge over the River Moy on Chapel Street.

Below: A 'mark on Chapel Street in Foxford.
Above: Looking east on the bridge on Chapel Street with the 'mark at right.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

NUMBER 1,059

BENCHMARKS continued

Another one from Galway City. It's on the corner of Main Guard Street at the corner with High Street.

Below: A 'mark on Main Guard Street in Galway City.
 Above: A view down Main Guard Street with the 'mark at bottom left.

NUMBER 1,058

BENCHMARKS continued

Lynch's Castle in the City of the Tribes is where this one can be viewed. It's on the corner of Abbey Gate Street Upper with Shop Street.

Below: A 'mark on Lynch's Castle in Galway City.
 Above: A view down Shop Street with the 'mark at bottom right on the corner of the building.

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