The intention with this website is to locate at least 1,001 benchmark sites, or die in the attempt (no flowers please, house private). Photos of any benchmark sites found will be posted at intervals over the coming days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries ... Anyone who wishes to contribute can send photos and descriptions of any benchmarks they find and would like to have included here, to See post Number 1 for a fuller description.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

NUMBER 1,078

BENCHMARKS continued

About a mile from Clane in County Kildare on the Kilcock Road is the main entrance to Clongowes Wood College. A tree lined avenue about a kilometer in length leads to the main building. At the entrance arch to the avenue is this one.

Below: The 'mark on the entrance arch to Clongowes Wood College.

Above: Looking east towards the college with the 'mark at left on the arch, to the right of the metal pole.

NUMBER 1,077

BENCHMARKS continued

From the pleasant wee town of Bangor in County Antrim this one is on the column that holds the McKee Clock, near Bridge Street.

Below: The 'mark on the McKee Clock.

Above: Looking south across the base of the monument in the evening light with the 'mark at bottom right.

NUMBER 1,076

BENCHMARKS continued

Where the Barberstown Road crosses the Grand Canal in County Kildare is Devonshire Bridge which is where this one can be seen.

Below: The 'mark on Devonshire Bridge.
Above: Looking north at the bridge. The 'mark is on the wall of the arch facing, about 3 feet up on the right.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

NUMBER 1,075

BENCHMARKS continued

This is rather wonderful; a survivor against great odds. It's located on the edge of the tow path of the Grand Canal in County Kildare. The tow path is subject to regular mechanised hedge trimming and grass cutting by the local authority. The stone, with the 'mark atop, might easily have been removed to allow a free flow for the grass cutter. Somehow it has been left undisturbed. Long may it remain.

Below: The 'mark on the Grand Canal tow path near Digby Bridge in County Kildare. The number 16 carved in the stone refers perhaps to the 16th Lock nearby.

Above: Looking west towards Digby Bridge with the 'mark, on the top of the stone, at bottom right.

Friday, May 10, 2019

NUMBER 1,074

BENCHMARKS continued

This one is located on the northwest corner of Clongowes Wood College near the little town of Clane in County Kildare.

Below: The 'mark on Clongowes Wood College.

Above: Looking eastwards towards the college. The 'mark is just to the left of the white door.

Friday, March 22, 2019

NUMBER 1,073

BENCHMARKS continued

A look at the 6” maps show that Downhill Demesne in County Derry was particularly well surveyed; there are 'marks all over the place. Perhaps that's because it was the first county to get that treatment. Most of them appear to be gone now. One that remains, thought perhaps from the 25” survey, is this one on the Lion Gate entrance to the demesne.

Below: A 'mark on the Lion Gate at Downhill.

Above: Lion Gate at Downhill Demesne with the ruined house visible in the distance. The 'mark is on the bottom of the pillar at left.

NUMBER 1,072

BENCHMARKS continued

PGR got down on all fours to get a decent shot of this one. It's outside the AIB Bank at the entry onto the Athlone Bridge from the Westmeath side.

Below: A 'mark on Costume Place in Athlone.

Above: A view of the AIB Bank with the 'mark on the wall at right.