The intention with this website is to locate at least 1,001 benchmark sites, or die in the attempt (no flowers please, house private). Photos of any benchmark sites found will be posted at intervals over the coming days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries ... Anyone who wishes to contribute can send photos and descriptions of any benchmarks they find and would like to have included here, to See post Number 1 for a fuller description.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

NUMBER 1,074

BENCHMARKS continued

This one is located on the northwest corner of Clongowes Wood College near the little town of Clane in County Kildare.

Below: The 'mark on Clongowes Wood College.

Above: Looking eastwards towards the college. The 'mark is just to the left of the white door.

Friday, March 22, 2019

NUMBER 1,073

BENCHMARKS continued

A look at the 6” maps show that Downhill Demesne in County Derry was particularly well surveyed; there are 'marks all over the place. Perhaps that's because it was the first county to get that treatment. Most of them appear to be gone now. One that remains, thought perhaps from the 25” survey, is this one on the Lion Gate entrance to the demesne.

Below: A 'mark on the Lion Gate at Downhill.

Above: Lion Gate at Downhill Demesne with the ruined house visible in the distance. The 'mark is on the bottom of the pillar at left.

NUMBER 1,072

BENCHMARKS continued

PGR got down on all fours to get a decent shot of this one. It's outside the AIB Bank at the entry onto the Athlone Bridge from the Westmeath side.

Below: A 'mark on Costume Place in Athlone.

Above: A view of the AIB Bank with the 'mark on the wall at right.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

NUMBER 1,071

BENCHMARKS continued

They say that Naas is a terrible place.” Well actually its not so bad these days - except for the traffic and the dearth of parking spaces. There has been a lot of development there in recent years and it is now a fulcrum for many hamlets in the Greater Dublin Hinterland. The new County Council Offices development has resulted in the almost total demolition of what remained of the Infantry Barracks, except for one small building on which is this one.

Below: A 'mark at the County Council Offices in Naas.

Above: A view of what remains of the Infantry Barracks in Naas with the 'mark to the right of the arch.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

NUMBER 1,070

BENCHMARKS continued

Frail and weather worn, in the Shankhill region of County Dublin, this one is on the north wall on Bride's Glen Road to the south west of the eponymous house.

Below: A 'mark on Bride's Glen Road.

Above: Looking north on Bride's Glen Road with the 'mark to the right on the wall and Bride's Glen House in the background.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

NUMBER 1,069

BENCHMARKS continued

The Louglinstown River rises in the Dublin Mountains and tumbles down through Bride's Glen on its way to the sea just south of Killiney. A part of its course parallels Cherrywood Road and along there it passes beneath the fine old railway viaduct on which is located this one.

Below: A 'mark on the viaduct on Cherrywood Road.

Above: On Cherrywood Road and looking towards Killiney. The 'mark can be found on the inside right wall of the arch near the corner facing.

NUMBER 1,068

BENCHMARKS continued

At his transit stop in Athlone, PGR spotted this one. It's on the Methodist Church on Northgate Street. Also included with the pictures were:
The 'Four Alls' of Methodism -
1) All need to be saved.
2) All can be saved.
3) All may know themselves saved.
4) All may be completely saved.

Below: A 'mark on Northgate Street in Athlone in County Westmeath.

Above: A view of the church. The 'mark is at the base of the right door entrance, adjacent to the left leg of the gentleman in the red trousers.